Class 6: Data flows and data behavior in social media

Provided by Nanna Bonde Thylstrup, Copenhagen Business School

Major Topics: Captology; Data extraction; Addiction; Attention; Retention



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15 ways behavior can change (video cannot be embedded):

Core readings

Shoshana Zuboff. 2020 You Are Now Remotely Controlled, The New York Times, available via

Post-Lecture Assignment:

  1. Please watch the Social Dilemma on Netflix
  2. Then read this review and these tweets by
    – Mark Díaz (Google)
    – Evan Greer (deputy director of Fight for the Future)
    – Pranav Malhotra (PhD student, University of Washington)
  3. Write up one response (maximum 500 words) drawing on your readings for this course (including today’s) focusing on one of these questions: 
    – Describe the main theme of Social Dilemma: What dilemma is described in the film? 
    – Compare: The solutions offered in the film and the solutions offered in the critical responses. 
    – Find: Who are stakeholders of the movie and/or the stakeholders of the critique of the movie. 
    Indicate in your response whether you agree more with the film or the critique against the film, or whether you find yourself appreciating both sides.

Additional material

Shoshana Zuboff. 2019 “Make them dance”. In The Age of Surveillance Capitalism

Nick Seaver. 2019. Captivating algorithms: Recommender systems as traps. Journal of Material Culture 24(4): 421–436.