Class 11: Datafication: Future directions and ethical considerations

Provided by Hannah Trittin-Ulbrich, Leuphana University Lüneburg

Major Topics: Implications of datafication on individuals, organizations, and society and ethical considerations for working with data



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Core readings

Crawford, K., Dobbe R., Dryer T., Fried, G., Green, B., Kaziunas, E., Kak, A., Mathur, V., McElroy, E., Nill Sánchez, A., Raji, D., Rankin, J.L., Richardson, R., Schultz, J., Myers West, S., and Whittaker, M. (2019). ​AI Now 2019 Report​. NewYork: AI Now Institute, 2019, access via:

Post-Lecture Assignment

  1. Read through the AI Now Report 2019 and choose one emergent and emergent concern addressed in the report that you find most pressing. Describe in your own words the concern and why you chose this concern. How does the concern link to datafication and what could be potential solutions to addressing this concern? What could future research focus on with regard to the chosen topic and what potential solutions could be developed to address the concern? (400-500 words)

Additional material

New York Times, “One Nation Tracked” series 

Hoffmann, A. L. (2019). Where fairness fails: data, algorithms, and the limits of antidiscrimination discourse. Information, Communication & Society, 22(7), 900-915. Access via: Link.

Lina Dencik, Arne Hintz, Joanna Redden & Emiliano Treré (2019) Exploring Data Justice: Conceptions, Applications and Directions, Information, Communication & Society, 22:7, 873-881, DOI: 10.1080/1369118X.2019.1606268