Class 7: Datafication and Accountability

Provided by: Max Heimstädt, Bielefeld University & Weizenbaum Institute

Major Topics: Open Data, how datafication shapes notions of openness and accountability



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Core readings:

Heimstädt, M. and Dobusch, L. (2020). Transparency and accountability: Causal, critical and constructive perspectives. Organization Theory 1(4), 1-12. Open Acces via

Post-Lecture Assignment:

Write a short reflection piece (500 words) in which you summarize the three perspectives in your own words and relate them to your personal interest around datafication. How could one or more of the perspectives help you to learn more about that interest? How would you approach that research project in terms of research design and data collection?

Additional material

Thylstrup, N. B., Archer, M., & Ravn, L. (2022). Traceability. Internet Policy Review, 11(1), 1-12, available via: