Exposing “invisible” information – Investigation with the help of the Kit

If you are a student or a scholar, or even a journalist or citizen searching for information, the Internet is a fairly daunting place. Where to start? Is a popular search engine the best place to start, given that its algorithms expose me to information that is most likely filtered? Or, on the contrary, do you struggle to find any information on a given topic?

The Kit is an attempt to help anyone interested in investigating social phenomena with tools and methods that allow for alternative forms of investigation. In its own words, the team behind the Kit views the project as “a starting point for those who believe in the power of information as evidence but who recognise that working with information does not necessarily lead to immediate results or desired changes.” So they want to help “people to develop the ability to question information that is false, find information when it is scarce and filter information when it becomes overwhelming”. To this end, the Kit is a great source of students and scholars interested to learn about the investigation of information, and to enhance their investigation skills! Importantly, the Kit also provides several interesting examples of how to investigate the invisible. Find more information here.

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